Elf on the shelf arrival letter

Elf on the shelf arrival letter

This year we are having the American tradition Elf on the shelf in December. With some modifications, so if any Americans read this. Please bear with me if everything is not according to tradition :p
To start it all I have made an arrival letter in Photoshop to make it look like it comes from Santa.

Fonts I have used:

Lucinda sans
Khmer MN
Bernard MT
Merry Christmas Flake
LTC Cloister
Samantha Upright
Copperplate Gothic
Caligraph 1435
Andale Mono

The envelope is just a sheet that I have glued on top of a regular envelope. The size is 16.2 x 11.4 cm. I found the stamps by googleling Santa stamp, and the edited them how I wanted them. The clip art is also found online. The letter is A5, and they are both printed on pastel yellow paper, which I think is 200 gsm. All the fonts I have used is listed above.
The frame on the envelope is a 50 px red line with white diagonal stripe pattern on top.

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